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Radiometric dating seafloor spreading

Radiometric dating seafloor spreading

The oldest known rocks on Earth are 3. From meteorites, which are leftover rocks unchanged from the birth of the solar system, geologists have been able to fix an age of 4. Absolute time is expressed in a definite number or range of years. Relative time does not fix an absolute date; it only establishes a radiometric dating seafloor spreading "which is older or younger, etc.

Uniformitarianism is a concept that stresses the consistency of natural processes over time - in other words, physical laws operated in the distant past on the young Earth as they do today.

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The popular expression of this is "the present is the key to the seafloor spreading. Uniformitarianism does not imply that the rates of geological processes i. Faunal succession simply states that once a species of life becomes extinct, it will never reappear in the geologic radiometric dating. In other words, we will never see dinosaurs alive again. Superposition states that in an undisturbed sequence of sedimentary strata layered rockthe oldest layers are on the bottom, and the youngest layers are on the top.

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Radiometric dating involves the measurement of radioisotopes which may occur in old rocks. Parent isotopes such as Uranium eventually decay their nuclei become smaller, while expelling sub-atomic particles and energy into stable daughter isotopes. By measuring the relative amounts of parent to daughter elements, the age of the rock may be estimated.

Limitations: the rock involved is usually igneous, and the rock must not have re-melted; otherwise the "clock" is reset to the time of melting. Sedimentation rates are not uniform.

Radiometric dating seafloor spreading

Lake sediments can take years to accumulate a millimeter, while storm deposits can pile up yards of thickness in just hours! It was later determined that the oceans were always salty; so, Joly's assumption that the early ocean was fresh water was invalid.

Lord Kelvin had assumed that the only source of the Earth's heat came from its early formation. He did not know about the heat from radioactive decay neither did anyone else until laterso his assumption was also wrong.

Theory and Evidence of Seafloor Spreading, Earth Eclipse

Geologic times units: era, period, epoch Radioactive decay occurs in heavy elements that have an unstable number of neutrons. The neutrons may break apart into alpha particles which look like helium nucleibeta particles energetic electronsor gamma rays which are energy waves, not particles.

Carbon has a short half life of about years, and carbon is very common in wood and other organic materials. U has a long half life of 4. Fossils "suddenly" became abundant during the Cambrian Period, about million years ago, because animals evolved hard skeletal parts which allowed their remains to be better preserved. While Cambrian life may not have been more abundant than Precambrian life, it left more and better traces than the former.

Factors which can enhance fossil formation: a. Have a hard skeleton b. Live and die in water more sediment available for burial c. Be buried quickly after death, preferably in a low oxygen environment usually a radiometric dating seafloor spreading pool of water d.

Be a member of a large and widespread species e. Lack of metamorphism over a long geologic time in the area of burial You should know at least the correct sequence, if not necessarily all of the names.

Three sources of heat causing the Great Iron Catastrophe: heat of accretion coalescence of the earthangular momentum mechanical energy from the spinning proto-Earthand heat from radioactive decay of elements in the Earth's crust.

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The heat caused the crust to melt at degrees, and cause the iron and heavy elements to sink to the core, while the less dense material rose to the surface. The original, homogeneous Earth then became a zoned planet.

Volcanic eruptions which spew a lot of dust can block sunlight. Two of the earliest life forms: blue green algae and bacteria.

Green plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen through photosynthesis. They transformed Earth's early anaerobic atmosphere to aerobic oxygen-richwhich provided enough oxygen in the upper atmosphere to form an ozone layer.

This ozone layer filtered out deadly solar ultraviolet rays, which made life on land possible. The 2 major dinosaur groups were: the saurischia lizard-hipped and the ornithischia "bird-hipped.

The sea-dwelling contemporaries of the dinosaurs were known as marine reptiles, and the airborne creatures were the flying reptiles. The Meteorite Impact Theory best explains the great Cretaceous extinction of the dinosaurs and other creatures.

Its main evidence consists of: https://findergirls-no.monster/cat15/3309-equinox-dating.php iridium enrichment of the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary, shocked quartz grains, and soot deposits indicating a worldwide firestorm. Four ridiculous dinosaur extinction theories: a.

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Mammals ate up the dinosaurs' eggs b. Dinosaurs died of stupidity c. Dinosaurs as a race became too old, died of senility d. Dinosaurs ate poisoned plants The plesiosaur, a long-necked, long-tailed, finned marine reptile, extinct since the Cretaceous, is believed to resemble the descriptions given to the Loch Ness Monster.

During the 's, European map-makers noticed that the coastline of certain continents seemed to fit together. Alfred Wegener's evidence for Pangaea and continental drift: a. The pattern of magnetic reversals over geologic time was recorded by the ocean floor rock proved that the Atlantic Ocean was no older than million years. Also, it.

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