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Match making cards

Match making cards
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Players must be level 5 to Create or Join a Guild. Although players can join a guild during Rumble, you cannot leave or kick guild members until the event has ended. You need at least 15 members in your Guild to participate in Rumble.

High Quality Beautiful Matchmaking Business Cards. Fast next day shipping on most orders., Your personal information is % safe. Design from the best. You draw an Influence card whenever you make a successful match (you accepted a proposal or your proposal was accepted). You also earn an Influence card. Crushers, Recently there's been a lot of talk about Matchmaking and Card Draw mechanic in Castle Crush and we realized that a more detailed and technical. Candy Burger Games is raising funds for MatchBreaker: The Retro Matchmaking Card Game on Kickstarter! Score yourself a hottie and destroy. Matchmaking is the process of determining appropriate pairings in by the duration of the match; or what cards are in either player's deck.

The event repeats every three weeks. When the event is active, the "Coming Soon! Timers for in-game events are always visible on the corresponding island and in the 'Special Events button in the main menu.

Some exceptions may apply, but changes in regularly scheduled events will be announced on the official forums. Each match begins with 1 hour of "matchmaking" wherein your guild is matched with an opponent before you can begin battling.

The match round will last for 12 hours including the 1-hour matchmaking.

Once the match ends, your guild is automatically and immediately put into matchmaking for the next round. After the 1-hour matchmaking period, your guild will face a new opponent Guild.

Match making cards: matchmaking is unfair

This will match making cards every 12 hours. Use these Battles to fight a random player from the opposing guild and earn Personal Points. A win will get you the most Personal Pointsbut taking damage to hero or cards or losing cards in battle will reduce the total points won, even from a victory.

To help ensure that guild members are "pulling their own weight," there is a minimum personal points requirement with Guild Rumble reward tiers.

Additional details below. Tap or click on the Winners' podium to view more details about rankings and rewards. Click or tap on the 'Rewards' button to look at other tiers and the possible rewards.


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The way your guild performs throughout the duration of the event matters greatly! You must aim to be as highly ranked, as consistently, as possible for the best results.

Match making cards

The points earned, matchmaking, and next Rank will all depend on your starting and current rank from each Match. The 'Rankings' tab will show you the top ranked guilds in this event.

Not all guilds will be match making cards in the scrollable portion, but your Guild information will always be visible on the screen, even if you did not make it into the top leaderboards.

The 'Rewards' tab will show you which rewards you are eligible to receive. There are two key pieces of information here: Tier and Personal Points.

Match making cards

The rank that your guild ends on will determine which Tier cards your guild has unlocked. You personally match making contribute enough points to your guild's success in order to actually get those rewards. The 'Guild' tab will show you how many points members of your guild have collected so far, including you. The 'Matches' tab will display previous rounds of the Rumble and a 'W' if your guild Won that round or an 'L' if your guild Lost that round.

Below is a list of all rewards by rank and tier.

Menu section:

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