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Dating jesus redeems history

Dating jesus redeems history

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It was probably written c. This was about the same time he wrote Ephesians and Philemon.

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All three letters were sent with Tychicus and Onesimus. Theme Christ is Lord over all of creation, including the invisible realm.

He has redeemed his people, enabling them to participate in his death, resurrection, and fullness. Paul wrote to warn against this false teaching and to encourage the believers in their growth toward Christian maturity. Christians are united with the risen Christ, and therefore they share in his power and authority.

Paul also encourages these believers to fight against sin, pursue holiness, and live as distinctively Christian households. Key Themes Jesus Christ is preeminent over all creation, Lord over all human rulers and cosmic powers —20; —10; God has acted through Christ to secure redemption and reconciliation for all who put their faith in him —14, 20— Christ has defeated the powers of darkness on the cross.

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Christians share in his power and authority over that realm15 ; see also Jesus is the fulfillment of Jewish expectation. Christians share in the heritage of the old covenant people of God through their union with him21—22, Believers are called to grow in spiritual maturity by getting rid of sinful practices and developing Christian virtues —12, 28; —

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