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Dating in usa dollars to pounds

Dating in usa dollars to pounds

Scroll down a bit, enter date range e. The "Mark der DDR" commonly called Ostmark, "Eastern mark", was intended for internal use only, and was never freely convertible with foreign currencies "valuta" was used for that instead.

Dating in usa dollars to pounds

On the black market the exchange rate was about 5 to 10 East Ms for a DM when travel was permitted, e. In black market rates were about 3.

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This book I haven't seen it myself may have more information: Zatlin, Jonathan R. Cambridge University Presspages. Lawrence Officer and Samuel Williamson with precisely this question in mind.

For a discussion of which of the different measures is most meaningful for the amount you want to convert, see the discussion on their Measures of Worth page. For links to additional inflation calculators, see the Links sectionbelow.

For historical Pounds to dollars and French Francs to dollars conversions, again see Links sectionbelow.

My original Bidwell page scans back to top from: R. The same present tablebut with annual averages, and annual percentages.

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