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Radiocarbon dating is accurate for dates ranging

Radiocarbon dating is accurate for dates ranging

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Absolute dating Absolute dating techniques attempt to pinpoint a discrete, known interval in time such as a day, year, century, or millennia. Very few artifacts recovered from an archeological site can be absolutely dated.

Archeologists use several methods to establish absolute chronology including radiocarbon datingobsidian hydrationthermoluminescencedendrochronologyhistorical records, mean ceramic datingand pipe stem dating. Each of these methods is explained in this section. Radiocarbon dating Radiocarbon dating is a widely applied absolute dating method in archeology. It is based on the knowledge that living organisms build up their own organic matter by photosynthesis or by using atmospheric carbon dioxide.

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Radiocarbon dates can be obtained from many types of organic material including charcoal, shell, wood, bone and hair. The amount of carbon dioxide in the living organism is equal to that in the atmosphere.

When the organism dies, the carbon 14 C14 atoms disintegrate at a known rate, with a half-life of 5, years. It is possible then to calculate the date of an organic object by measuring the amount of C14 left in the sample.

Because the concentration of radiocarbon in the atmosphere has varied considerably over time, radiocarbon dates as far back as 7, years may be corrected by calibrating them against accurate dates from radiocarbon-dated tree rings and developing a master correction curve. Archeologists use a statistical standard deviation to increase the range of dates for a sample that has been given a C14 date. Radiocarbon dates are usually calculated to one standard deviation.

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For example, if a sample is tested and given a radiocarbon date of BC. Calculations based on two standard deviations increases the possible date range, increasing the probability of the sample lying within this range to 95 percent.

Fun fact Researchers have developed a method to eliminate or reduce organic contamination on prehistoric rock paintings, enabling them to use radiocarbon dating technology to date rock art sites.

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