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Dating instagram bio vs

Dating instagram bio vs

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By Sarah Ellis Feb 27, Some couples are all about sharing their relationships online. Bragging about your significant other is a fun way to show off how much you care about them, and after several months of dating, your partner might start to make regular appearances on your Instagram feed. Should you take the next step and put your boyfriend or girlfriend's name in your Instagram bio?

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The answer might surprise you. Everyone is different, and some people are comfortable with a lot of publicity while others prefer to keep things more low-key.

This will give your followers a clear idea of the type of content you create on the platform. If your partner is also trying to build up a personal brand, tagging them will help them out, too. And your relationship should be in a steady and secure enough place to be able to handle the attention.

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Overall, just remember that anything you decide to do online can leave a permanent impact. But don't just do it for the 'gram

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